eBay SAP Business One® Integration helps unify your ERP and your eBay web store. Keep your SAP 

Business One® back office up to date with our automated solution, while you focus on maximizing sales and managing fulfillment.

Why should you do SAP Business One® eBay Integration?

The SAP Business One® eBay Integration is an Integration that seamlessly connects the SAP Business One® ERP and eBay Merchant. The greatest benefit of such a connector, in general, is the integrated solution which encompasses all the back office features of SAP Business One® ERP and the ecommerce attributes of the eBay platform. All these features are fully automated, thus enabling the online merchants to properly focus on the more important sectors, sales and managing the little details of fulfillment processes. The SAP Business One® eBay connector enables the customers to import complete checkout orders in association with their customer data.  It enables the user to get access of the shipping information, which also includes carrier, tracking number and shipping date from their  SAP Business One® account to eBay Webstore (SAP Business One® is a registered trademark of SAP SE).


This Integration will automatically do the following:

  • Real-time Item Export & Inventory Export.
  • Sync Orders, Customers & Fulfilments.
  • Increase your Productivity, Data Accuracy and Business Efficiency.
  • Automatic sync of customer data and payment invoices.
  • Live listing and schedule ending simultaneously.
  • Real time Updates resists ‘Out of Stock’ scenario in Marketplace.

Out of the Box Features of eBay and SAP Business One® Integration

Sales Order Sync

Product and Inventory Sync

Sync Manage products, kits, bundles, variations, pricing matrix and price levels, images, categories, metadata, category specific product attributes directly from SAP Business One® and publish product listings to eBay marketplace.

Stock level and pricing

Stock levels and Pricing

Keep an accurate eye on item stock levels with information shared between SAP Business One® and eBay. Enjoy pricing details shared perfectly between SAP Business One® and eBay.


Catalog Management

Manage Catalog Details like Name, Description, Price, Images, Variants in SAP Business One® and let connector reflect those changes on every platform you sell.

Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment Management

Transfer shipment tracking details like consignment no, expected delivery & personalized message from SAP Business One® to online store. keep customer informed of every stage.

enhance customer service

Enhance Customer Services

We create specializations, where SAP Business One® will work as an individual customer tracker, allowing you to understand, respond and capture customers with ease.

Product Inv Sync

Order and Customer Sync

It transfers orders and transfers customers to SAP Business One® ERP in real time. It also helps identify repeat clients and customers in the whole system.


Time and Money Saving

The powerful integration of Inventory, Orders, Settlement, Fees and Commissions helps save time across all departments.



Synchronize settlement reports to SAP Business One®. We help you understand the simple and complex marketplace fees and commissions.

Order sync

Sales Order Sync

FBA and FBM order synchronized in real time with the added power of commissions, fees to help understand gross profit.

Track Guest Checkouts

Guest customers and their sales orders are tracked in your ERP. Convert guest buyers into loyal customers.

error elimination

Error Elimination

Reduce chances of errors with automated data entry system for all aspects, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.

Refunds and Cancellations

Keep track of cancellations and refunds in SAP Business One® as they happen on eBay marketplace and provide a best-in-class customer service experience.