Oracle NetSuite BigCommerce Integration platform automates vital business processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry by enabling bi-directional data exchange between BigCommerce and the leading ERP.

What is BigCommerce Oracle NetSuite Integration?

The Oracle NetSuite BigCommerce Integration uses a true entity level mapping between the two systems. This means that it takes full advantage of the strengths of both systems while diminishing the disadvantages of both. Oracle NetSuite manages all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and BigCommerce is leveraged to fully maximize its e-commerce capabilities and third-party integrations. The two work together to provide excellent outputs in an easy-to-understand and organized system.


This Integration will automatically do the following:

  • Automatically transfer product information, pricing, and SKUs.
  • Manage matrix items, variant options and metafiles on product or variant.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors.
  • Increase the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency.
  • Keep your BigCommerce inventory up to date.
  • Unify integrates BigCommerce with QuickBooks.

Benefits of using our BigCommerce Oracle NetSuite Integration


Enhance Customer Service

We create specializations, where Oracle NetSuite will work as an individual customer tracker, allowing you to understand, respond and capture customers with ease.


Save Time and Money

Our value-for-money solutions, allow you to concentrate on your core activity, eliminating need for heavy investment on hardware or software.

Product Inv Sync

Order and Customer Sync

It transfers orders and transfers customers to Oracle NetSuite ERP in real time. It also helps identify repeat clients and customers in the whole system

Sales Order Sync

Product and Inventory Sync

Automatically lower an item’s available inventory when it has been sold through BigCommerce and update the customer’s purchase history, permitting future up-sell and cross-sell marketing campaigns to be targeted to that customer.


Full Customization

Our integration is fully customizable to fit your business-specific needs Maximize your sales potential on BigCommerce with Oracle NetSuite. Selling on BigCommerce need no longer be a difficult process with our customized Oracle NetSuite BigCommerce integration.

Shipping Details

Shipping Details Export

Notify your BigCommerce customers with shipping and tracking details as soon as you fulfill the orders in Oracle NetSuite. It also transfers shipping data to BigCommerce and sync shipping methods across BigCommerce and Oracle NetSuite.


Catalog Management

Manage Catalog Details like Name, Description, Price, Images, Variants in Oracle NetSuite and let connector reflect those changes on every platform you sell.

Stock level and pricing

Stock levels and pricing

Keep an accurate eye on item stock levels with information shared between Oracle NetSuite and BigCommerce. Enjoy pricing details shared perfectly between Oracle NetSuite and BigCommerce.

error elimination

Error Elimination

Reduce chances of errors with automated data entry system for all aspects, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.