How to Grow and Scale Your eCommerce Business

Growing a booming eCommerce business is the primary goal for most small eCommerce businesses. But with rapid growth comes many potential obstacles. Before looking to explode your business and revenue, it is important that you ensure your eCommerce business is ready to scale the right way. With the proper preparation, your business will have a strong foundation ideal for continued scaling and growth. Follow the tips below to set your business up for successful growth.

Create a Sound Foundational Infrastructure

The first step to creating a scalable eCommerce business is to lay a strong foundation. Even businesses that are already experiencing success should evaluate their foundation and make improvements where necessary. SEO, marketing, and customer service are the core components of your foundation.

Creating good SEO and a high volume of website traffic is not a quick and easy task. It can take months or even up to a year to see results from your SEO endeavors. Design and implement an effective SEO plan. Optimize your product titles, descriptions, and formats for search on all of your marketplaces, focusing on relevant keywords. Make sure that your website has a quick page loading speed and is user-friendly. Take advantage of organic content marketing strategies including blogs, social media integration, and internal links. Consistently spend time improving your SEO in order to increase your traffic and provide value to potential customers.

Your marketing strategy is incredibly important for your framework. Collect emails through pop-ups and opt-ins to grow your marketing pool. Use email marketing and retargeting strategies to convert website visitors. Design a sustainable marketing plan that is cost-effective and can scale with your business.

Customer service is another pillar of your eCommerce business foundation. In order to retain existing customers and convert new customers, you must develop a good reputation. Reviews and referrals from satisfied customers are a goldmine for your business. Good customer service involves an easy and fair return policy, timeliness, and professionalism. Have strong, reliable systems in place for handling customer complaints and inquiries quickly. As you grow, you will serve more customers and inevitably have to deal with more customer service issues. The better your customer service strategy is from the start, the easier it is to scale.

Gain Momentum and Implement Automation Solutions

Even with a great foundation, your business must be able to adapt as you grow. Your team and technology needs will change as your eCommerce business takes off. Harness the power of momentum to keep your business climbing up. Include remarketing strategies to convert visitors into customers and one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Outsource when needed. Trying to do everything yourself will become impossible as your business grows. Fulfillment is one area that oftentimes makes sense to outsource because picking, packing, and shipping for all of your channels will become overwhelming.

While continuing to build momentum and scale, you should look to automate your business workflows as much as possible. Automating helps you handle increasing volume of orders without sacrificing efficiency. Integrating all of your workflows and marketplaces on a single cloud-based platform like MobilityeCommerce will make scaling your eCommerce business simpler than you could imagine. MobilityeCommerce is the enterprise-level solution for all of your business needs including inventory management, order management, multi-channel fulfillment, purchase orders, repricing, returns management, finance, and listing management. Automate your eCommerce business with this one user-friendly tool and find the single ERP that will grow with your business.

Learn and Adapt

After laying a strong foundation and implementing automation, growing your eCommerce business is all about adaptability. Even with impeccable planning, challenges will occur. In order to continue to scale your business, you will need to be flexible and problem-solve quickly. Anticipate problems ahead of time and ensure you have safeguards in place.

Listening to the data is also the key to growing your business. Leverage your traffic data and track the performance of all your channels, then do more of what works for your business. Keep a close eye on industry trends so you can stay ahead of the competition. Always search for new ways to improve your products, marketing, and operations.

Having the right tools in place is paramount for successfully scaling your eCommerce business. MobilityeCommerce is a Saas ERP that integrates your current business system while building a new platform that accelerates your future growth. Manage all aspects of your business with our all-in-one solution. Sell on the world’s biggest marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more while expanding your business. Leverage data and analytics from over fifty commerce reports and advanced analytics from MobilityeCommerce. Take the first step towards multichannel selling and scaling with MobilityeCommerce. Learn more by visiting our website or requesting a free product demo HERE.


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November 18, 2019

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