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MobilityeCommerce Oracle NetSuite Amazon Integration

Amazon Oracle NetSuite Integration gives you the power to grow your retail business and maximize sales in more channels.

MobilityeCommerce’s Oracle NetSuite Amazon Integration gives you the enterprise power of Oracle NetSuite ERP and integration to marketplaces to create an exceptional retail experience for your customers. MobilityeCommerce provides complete integration of Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant and Fulfilled By Amazon workflows to ensure Oracle NetSuite has all the required information to drive your business. With the power to get all orders, commissions, fees to the cent your team has the power to have a better control over profitability.

What is Oracle NetSuite Amazon Integration?

MobilityeCommerce Oracle NetSuite Amazon Connector enables sellers to focus on increasing Sales, Inventory Availability, Forecasting, FBA Demand Planning etc. Our Connector supports all major Amazon domains (US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, JP, CN, IN). Speak to our Oracle NetSuite Amazon expert for a free consulting.

This Integration will automatically do the following:

  • Import Customers or Sales Orders into NetSuite.
  • Export Items from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • FBM and FBA Orders Management.
  • Amazon Commission and FBA Fees  & Charges created in Oracle NetSuite.
  • Synchronize Inventory to Amazon.
  • Synchronize Price to Amazon.
  • Create FBA Shipments and Transfer Orders / Inventory Transfers.
  • Reconcile FBA Shipments.
  • Track Live Amazon FBA Stock in Oracle NetSuite.

Benefits of using our Amazon Oracle NetSuite Integration

inventory and product sync

Sales order sync

FBA and FBM orders synchronized in real time with the added power of commissions, fees to help understand gross profit.

Product Inventory Sync

Manage products, kits, bundles, variations, pricing matrix and price levels, images, categories, metadata, category specific product attributes directly from Oracle NetSuite and publish product listings to Amazon marketplace.

Shipping detail sync

Automate fulfillment process, pick/pack/ship and notify customers with tracking numbers and shipping carrier details.

Settlement & Finance

Settlement & Finance

Synchronize settlement reports to Oracle NetSuite. We help you understand the simple and complex marketplace fees and commissions.

Save Time and Money

Time and Money Saved

The powerful integration of Inventory, Orders, Settlement, Fees and Commissions helps save time across all departments.

Refunds & cancellations

Manage cancellations and refunds in Oracle NetSuite and help provide a good customer experience.