Protect your brand and
customers from counterfeit

With MobilityeCommerce Blockchain technology, Sell your
products with Confidence

And Protect your Customers from Counterfeit Products.

Why MobilityeCommerce Blockchain?

Proactive counterfeit protection

MobilityeCommerce has implemented Blockchain Technology to proactively prevent counterfeits products reaching customers.

Authenticity verification by customers

MobilityeCommerce allows any customer to authenticate any MeC Blockchain -enabled product, regardless of where they purchase the product (Amazon, other e-commerce sites, brick and mortar stores, etc.)

Product Information

In addition to enabling customers to authenticate products, brands can use MobilityeCommerce to communicate unit-level product information, including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, enhanced product information (e.g., ingredients).

Verified Returns

Sellers can implement MobilityeCommerce Blockchain Technology to prevent getting counterfeit products in return.

How does MobilityeCommerce work?

Enroll your products in MobilityeCommerce Blockchain

Apply MobilityeCommerce codes on your products

3PL scans MobilityeCommerce codes to ensure only authentic units are shipped to customers

Customers can use their MobilityeCommerce app to authenticate units, regardless of where they are purchased

Authenticity verification with the MobilityeCommerce app

Customer scans the MobilityeCommerce code on their product

MobilityeCommerce app authenticates the product

MobilityeCommerce app shows unit-level information