The number of merchants using eCommerce is at an all-time high, with online transactions skyrocketing in frequency. Businesses and customers alike are turning to eCommerce for its many benefits and improved shopping experience. However, successfully running an eCommerce business, especially on multiple channels, is a difficult task to conquer. Do not let the pain points of eCommerce deter you from entering or staying in the eCommerce business. Learn about some of the major eCommerce challenges and the best ways to solve them.

Inventory and Product Management

Listing products on multiple sales channels is the best way to expose them to new markets and generate the most sales. However, managing the inventory and products becomes more challenging as you add more channels. Poorly managed inventory leads to a headache for both you and your customers. For your employees to adequately do their job, they need to have real-time updates about inventory including stock in and out, price changes, discounts, and more. Customers need a seamless shopping experience that shows the proper inventory so they do not get all the way to purchasing just to learn there is no inventory left.


The solution for inventory and product management is to use an eCommerce platform with inventory management integration. This way, you will get real-time inventory sync with all your marketplaces, ERPs, stores and POS. When a purchase is made on one marketplace, the inventory will update across all of your marketplaces so you are up-to-date with inventory management.

Multichannel Listings

With multiple channels comes listing the same products multiple times. Manually entering all of your product listings is tedious and likely to produce errors and inconsistencies. Customers expect brand consistency across all marketplaces, including your product listings. If a customer sees a listing on Amazon with completely different information and format than the one on your website they are unlikely to trust your brand.


For easy multichannel listing, opt for a platform that provides listing management. This way, you can list your products across all of your marketplaces with just a few clicks. This ensures accuracy and consistency while saving you time.

Managing Special Tasks

Offering special discounts, personalized emails, and customizable shipping prices will improve your customer satisfaction and help your revenue. However, managing these special tasks is a nightmare, especially across multiple channels. Once again, you want to have consistency across channels and simplify the process of these special tasks, but this is nearly impossible to do manually.


The solution is to automate these tasks. You should seek to automate your business workflows as much as possible using an eCommerce platform that integrates all of your marketplaces.

Listening to the Data

eCommerce, especially on multiple channels, gives you access to a wealth of information and important data. When you know how to access and read this data, it can offer important insight into how you can best reach your visitors and convert them to customers. However, this data is often confusing or difficult to access. With so much data coming from different channels, it can be very overwhelming and get neglected. Forrester estimates that anywhere between 60 percent and 73 percent of all enterprise data goes unused for analytics. This is data that could provide insight into how to convert customers or where your business needs improvement, and without using it you are stifling the growth of your eCommerce business.


You must leverage data and analytics to understand customer behaviors and preferences. Opt for an eCommerce platform that can help you by providing accurate and detailed reports including the performance of all your multichannel marketing. By understanding traffic sources and site behavior, you can segment visitors based on their behavior and demographics and leverage this data for remarketing, site merchandising, and promoting the most profitable products to visitors.

Seamless Integration and Automation

With all of the different moving parts in multichannel eCommerce, the greatest challenge is to manage all aspects of your business workflows at once. It is ideal to integrate all of your marketplaces, enterprise integrations, and workflows into a single platform. Automating certain tasks is only part of the issue, if you automate your tasks but have them running in multiple places it can still be difficult to keep track of everything.


To meet all of your needs, you should find a one-stop eCommerce platform. Instead of using multiple separate enterprise solutions, choose one that can integrate and automate all of your workflows, inventory, and pricing. Find a single solution that integrates all of your ERPs, marketplaces, and workflows to simply your eCommerce business.

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