Automating Truth, Transparency, Trust & Intelligence at Avocado Green Mattress and Crystall Ventures

Smart Supply Chain

“Supply chains play a more pivotal role than ever, yet chronic problems persist. Data is fragmented and siloed, visibility across tiers is poor, data veracity is questionable, and point-to-point communication is often delayed. Add inefficient manual processes, inadequate security, and choppy collaboration, and you’re looking at a situation that’s already risky — and costly. And on top of all that, throw in events like the pandemic, the chip shortage, and the Suez Canal blockage. The good news is, the technology now exists to make supply chains nearly indestructible. During this session, speakers will: Discuss how to prevent supply chain disruptions with intelligent, connected, and trusted track-and-trace solutions embracing end-to-end visibility — even across complex multi-tier supply chains; Demonstrate an integrated CPG/retail solution combining multi-tier source-to-shelf tracking, quality and integrity assurance, smart contracts, and deep insights into supply chain metrics; and Answer your toughest questions on blockchain, IoT, analytic automation, governance and regulatory compliance, data integrity, and other key topics.”

Speaker: Matt Krathen, Vice President of Supply Chain, Crystall Ventures

Speaker: George Mathew, Vice President – Supply Chain, Certifications and Sourcing, Avocado Green Mattress

Speaker: Sri Ram, Vice President of Supply Chain, MobilityeCommerce