eCommerce has many incredible benefits and is the modern method for selling. Using an online business, you can reach customers on a global scale and analyze and respond to their behavior. However, online selling has its fair share of challenges. The world on online selling is incredibly saturated, and it is challenging to stand out amongst competitors. Price and shipping costs are important areas in eCommerce. Learn more about the struggle of price and shipping competition and how MobilityeCommerce can help you reduce the cost of both.

Stiff Competition for Price and Shipping

In online selling, many of the same products are available for different prices. Selling products increases market share, and products priced most affordably often sell best. For smaller companies, it can be especially challenging to compete on price and shipping costs. Large and even mid-sized companies are more likely to be able to offer products for a lower price. They can also afford free shipping deals that smaller companies are just not able to afford.

Additionally, online shipping customers expect shipping to be free and fast while also getting the products for a low price. For small businesses especially, it is difficult to offer a lower price and free, high-quality shipping. However, to survive in the competitive eCommerce market, it is important for the online business to be able to offer products and shipping at a competitive price.

eCommerce Fulfillment Automatic is the Solution

Often times, companies start out by fulfilling orders in-house. They hold, pick, and ship all of the products themselves. However, manual eCommerce fulfillment is inefficient and prone to many mistakes. Those who attempt to fulfill all orders by themselves often encounter mistakes, missed steps, and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Third Party Logistics integration is an eCommerce fulfillment automation that will increase your efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction. You will be able to compete with price and shipping by simplifying and improving your company performance through fulfillment automation.

Third Party Logistics

Third party logistics (3PL or TPL) involves outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment needs. Another company will perform all of the mundane, yet crucial tasks of fulfillment like receiving, holding, and transporting your products. Companies who expect to be competitive in eCommerce are turning to third party logistics for their shipping. Some 3PL companies also offer retail distribution and returns services so they can be your single provider for delivering and fulfillment.

TPL services allow you to manage distribution and fulfillment regardless of the size of your company. Any online business shipping more than 15 orders a day should consider a TPL service. Outsourcing fulfillment is a vital step for scaling your business. While someone else handles the fulfillment, your team can focus on developing the best products and solidifying strong customer relationships. TPL services also skyrocket customer satisfaction because they have incredibly reliable networks and experience with fulfillment.

Fulfillment Automation

eCommerce fulfillment automation will help your eCommerce business stay on top of steep competition. Automating the fulfillment process reduces mistakes, speeds up service, and eliminates the hassle. When you use a SAP 3PL integration, the integration automatically creates a purchase order that matches your 3PL specifications. When you integrate your eCommerce fulfillment process with a 3PL, you improve accuracy and efficiency. Your customers will receive up-to-date shipping information and inventory is automatically updated across all of your channels. Through fulfillment automation and 3PL integration, you streamline your entire fulfillment process.

MobilityeCommerce for Fulfillment Automation

At MobilityeCommerce, we provide a single platform for you to streamline your entire business workflow. We integrate powerful eCommerce software to help you automate your eCommerce fulfillment.

  • SAP Business One Integration: With this integration, you can manage and increase your sales, and ensure a secure, reliable flow through all of your eCommerce channels. With this integration, you will be able to make the best eCommerce decisions based on detailed performance analytics. The SAP Business One Integration measures and breaks down the most comprehensive information to help you improve your entire business, including fulfillment.
  • Oracle NetSuite: Integrate Oracle NetSuite with all of your marketplaces to streamline the multi-channel selling process. Easily import fulfillment updates with your 3PL that are timely and accurate. Provide your customers with real-time product and inventory information as well as order status reports.

With these two integrations and more, MobilityeCommerce will help you increase your reputation and improve sales with ease. We can help improve your shipping process so you can manage the struggle of competing on price and shipping. Our experts offer you advice and the best services to integrate, streamline, and improve your entire business workflow. MobilityeCommerce is your one-stop eCommerce platform for reaching billions of customers worldwide. To learn more, contact us at (408) 805-4704,, or by filling out the form HERE.