Along with Amazon, eBay is a booming eCommerce platform that your business should take advantage of. Home to over 25 million sellers, eBay is a top marketplace for eCommerce businesses worldwide. However, with so many sellers all vying for real-estate on eBay, becoming a successful eBay seller is not an overnight venture. While your eCommerce business can greatly benefit from selling on eBay, it is important to follow some best practices to see results. Here we break down the top 8 tips for boosting your eBay sales.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

Make your listings as detailed and clear as possible. Forcing buyers to ask a lot of questions is a surefire way to lose sales on eBay. If a buyer has a lot of questions based on your sparce listing, they may just move on to the next one and not even take the time to message about questions. Anticipate what a buyer might ask, and include the information in your listing. Details that you should be sure to address include:

  • Measurements (and sizing chart if applicable)
  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Where it was made
  • Age of item
  • Condition of item
  • Countries you ship to
  • Clear images of the item

Implement Keywords

Make it easy for buyers to find you items by including relevant keywords. The title is absolutely paramount for attracting buyers. Include descriptive terms in your title, but make sure they are the right terms. Research similar listings to determine which keywords show up as suggestions, so that you can be sure to choose the words people are searching for. But wait! Do not just throw all the relevant keywords into a messy title. Take care when crafting your title so you can create a title that reads like the human language. Your keywords should also be in the description of your listing in the form of complete, easy-to-read sentences.

Professional Listings

Not every seller on eBay is professional or reliable, and customers are well aware of this. Customers are looking to reputable eBay sellers, and the best way to show that your business is reliable is with a professional listing. The key components to a professional listing include:

  • A complete description with details and the product’s benefits.
  • High-quality photographs of the specific item. Include a video if applicable.
  • Well-organized text. Take the time to break up and organize text to make it easy-to-read and visually appealing.

Picture Perfect

Quality photos are critical for selling on eBay, but what exactly qualifies as a good photo? The product photos should be of the actual item whenever possible. You should provide shots from several angels (front, back, and details of clothing, etc). The photos should be very clear and taken in good lighting. Opt for a neutral background that won’t distract, and try to show the size of the item using another scale. If you are selling any used or flawed items, be sure to include that in the photo.

Take Advantage of the Best Offer Feature

eBay is slightly different than some other marketplaces because it began as an auction and trading company. While the auction-style listings are not recommended because they force buyers to wait, the best offer feature is still incredibly important. This feature allows buyers to submit an offer. Being willing to negotiate can help you reach more buyers and offload slow inventory. Avoid the auto-decline feature, because you will not be notified even if a buyer submits an offer one cent below your threshold. You want the ability to see and counter all offers from customers to ensure you can quickly sell.

Post at the Right Time

Timing does matter for selling on eBay. Seasonal items perform best at their respective time of year. Other items may make sense to post at specific times as well. For example, it is wise to post sports apparel or items around the time of the season or before a big game for that team. For all other items, there are still peak times to post. PC Magazine suggests that Sunday evening is a prime time to post your listings.

Competitive Pricing

In order to be successful, you must price to sell. Search eBay for comparable listings to assess the eBay market value of your items. If you price your products significantly higher than competitors, you will have a difficult time selling on eBay. Be sure to price competitively while still maintaining the value of your products. Indicate any factors that differentiate your product from competitors to warrant a higher price, like “made in the USA”, “USA seller” etc.

Free Shipping wins Sales

The cost of shipping can make or break sales and is a common reason that shoppers abandon their cart. Over half of all sellers offer free shipping, and many customers will specifically select “free shipping” when browsing for items. Offering free shipping will expose you to more buyers and help close out sales.

Establish a Strong Reputation

Seasoned, reputable sellers outperform new accounts simply because of their credibility with buyers. Customers trust proven sellers, and the best way to build your reputation on eBay is with feedback and ratings. In order to boost your ratings, it is crucial to make many sales and fulfill orders quickly and accurately. Thank customers for their purchase and kindly ask them for honest feedback.

eBay Selling Made Easy

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