Omnichannel marketing is the future of eCommerce. As a natural progression from multichannel selling, omnichannel is focused on providing a seamless customer experience, reaching more customers and boosting revenue. While omnichannel eCommerce has many benefits for your business, it also comes with a unique set of challenges. Understanding the challenges of omnichannel eCommerce is the first step to resolving them and implementing a successful omnichannel business. Learn more about the most common omnichannel pain points and how to overcome them.

Every Customer is an Individual

The one-of-a-kind shopping path that each customer has is a major challenge for omnichannel retail. Navigating every individual customer is difficult in an omnichannel environment. Luckily, data is the key to seamless omnichannel commerce. Data-driven innovations are crucial for creating a unified customer experience. Collecting data at every customer touchpoint helps create a picture for shopping patterns.

Efficient Inventory Management

Managing inventory across all of your eCommerce channels can also be difficult. Instead of using separate systems for each channel and manually managing sales for POS, opt for an inventory management software solution. Using an intelligent one-stop eCommerce platform, like MobilityeCommerce, helps you efficiently manage your omnichannel inventory.

Sales Reporting

Consolidating sales reports across different channels is also difficult. In order to assess your channel and product performances, it can be challenging to consolidate and analyze all of your sales reports from omnichannel marketing. You want to quickly and easily consolidate information about your channels, products, and customers to make smarter business decisions. Using a Saas-based ERP platform will help you consolidate all of your omnichannel sales reports and leverage the data to better understand your customers. With these analytics, you can plan targeted marketing and segment visitors based on online behavior.

Customer Support

Omnichannel commerce is centralized on the customer experience. However, customer support is an aspect of omnichannel commerce that is often overlooked. It is crucial that you implement a strong customer support strategy with your omnichannel business. Focus on quickly resolving problems and offering convenient access to customer service. Provide many different contact channels that are convenient and integrated into your commerce channels. Your customer support process should be free of frustrations and seamless for your customers.

Payment Processing

As you expand your sales channels, payment processing becomes more difficult as well. Each new sale channel often involves different developers and payment processors. Because of this, you may end up with multiple payment processors. Make sure to implement proper payment processing and POS technology to overcome the friction point of payment processing.

Solve Omnichannel Challenges with ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning system designed for omnichannel commerce is ideal for streamlining your entire business workflow. With an ERP, you can create and manage unified shopping experiences for your customers across all channels. You can conquer local, social, and mobile marketplaces with ease. Integrate your current business systems into one, cohesive platform that will help your business grow. An ERP system for your omnichannel business will help you:

  • Integrate your eCommerce channels
  • Manage inventory for multiple locations
  • Manage data in real-time
  • Automate your workflow

When choosing an ERP system for your omnichannel business, you should make sure that the system supports your business needs. Select a solution with marketplace management, product management, and necessary integrations. MobilityeCommerce is a Saas-based enterprise-level solution that will meet all of your omnichannel business needs. With MobilityeCommerce, you can integrate and automate your workflows, inventory, and pricing while reaching more global customers. We offer enterprise integrations and unparalleled integration with over 50 top marketplaces. MobilityeCommerce’s top features include:

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Multi-channel fulfillment
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Intelligent repricing engine
  • Returns management
  • Customized finance reports
  • Listing management

MobilityeCommerce is the only tool you will ever need to manage your omnichannel business. Conquer all of the common omnichannel pain points with MobilityeCommerce and easily manage your business with a smart single view. Learn more about how MobilityeCommerce will help your eCommerce business or request a demo by visiting our website HERE.