The ability to collect detailed customer analytics is a primary advantage of multichannel eCommerce. By selling on multiple channels, you can collect more information about your customers including traffic sources, site behavior, demographics, and other data. You can then leverage this powerful data for targeted remarketing. Data-driven marketing engages customers and will help you increase your market growth. Learn more about the best strategies for leveraging customer analytics for effective remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing involves connecting with potential customers who left your site without converting. While you may spend most of your marketing efforts drawing potential customers to your site, converting them is very difficult. This is why remarketing is actually incredibly important. An astonishing 72% of customers abandon their shopping carts before completing a purchase, and only 8% will return to finish the transaction without being retargeted. Remarketing or retargeting is an incredibly effective way to engage with a customer who has already engaged with your brand, and thus shown an interest. Customers are also more comfortable with retargeted ads, and remarketing ads have a conversion rate of 10x higher than traditional display ads.

Collect the Data

The first key to effective remarketing is quality, detailed data. You need to gather and segment advanced data in order to remarket based on that data. A cloud-based ERP is one great way you can manage your multichannel eCommerce business and gather these advanced web analytics. With MobilityeCommerce, you receive over fifty standard reports so you can segment visitors and promote the most profitable products to them.

Personalize Remarketing Through Segmentation

Your remarketing strategy should be targeted based on visitor behavior. Do not solely focus on demographics like gender and age. Instead, target visitors based on their activity. Consider which pages they visited (product pages, about me page, customer service page etc), or if they added to the cart. Divide visitors into different segments based on their activities, then deliver personalized ads that are most relevant to the visitor’s behavior.

Reign in Cart Abandoners

Those who abandon their cart are just on the brink of making a purchase and can be remarketed to complete their transaction. While automated cart abandonment emails certainly help, retargeting is even more effective. Use retargeting to display a special offer to those who abandoned their cart to encourage them to check out.

Know Who to Spend the Money On

Remarketing is not the best option for some visitors. There is a time and method for remarketing to existing customers, but do consider to exclude the customers who did make a purchase from receiving remarketing ads about coming back for a discount. You could also avoid spending the money to retarget people who spent a very short amount of time on your site. Generally, those who spent less than 10 seconds on your site make up a large portion of your bounce rate and are unlikely to convert with remarketing.

Target Existing Customers

You can remarket to existing customers in many useful ways. Offer a discount on repeat purchases or an exclusive promotion to those customers who spend the most on your site. Cross-sell complementary products by showing a customer an ad related to a product that complements one they purchased, and be clear in the ad about how the products connect. This way, when you launch a new product, you can use remarketing to promote it to customers who bought a complementary product.

Tips for Creating Effective Remarketing Ads

Getting your remarketing ads in front of the correct audience is crucial, but the quality of your ads also matters. Your ads should be appealing, easy to read, and engaging. Here are some tips for designing your remarketing ads:
Select relevant image and copy

  • Create unique display ads for each audience segment
  • Use key phrases that will grab your customer’s attention, like free, limited time, special offer, etc.
  • Strong branding that is consistent with your site and brand image
  • A powerful headline
  • Visually appealing images or video
  • A clear CTA button with strong copy
  • Concise, effective copy about the offer
  • Beware of how often your ads pop up, make sure that you are effectively retargeting without overdoing it and annoying the customer.
  • Change up your ads. Run multiple variations of your ads, and frequently change up the ads to keep your audience interested and engaged.


Remarketing is an incredibly effective strategy for boosting conversion rates. Using the strategies above, you can create more powerful remarketing ads and leverage the power of analytics for your eCommerce business. To start implementing the most effective remarketing ads, you will first need to collect an abundance of relevant data. MobilityeCommerce is the only tool you will ever need to manage business workflows, including your commerce reports and advanced analytics. With the detailed analytics that MobillityeCommerce collects for your business, you can leverage data and analysis to more clearly understand the behaviors and preferences of your customers to deliver relevant and personal cross-channel experiences. Learn more about how MobilityeCommerce will help you expand your business through remarketing by visiting our website or contacting us HERE.