Previously, enterprise software was primarily on-premise. As technological solutions advanced, it has shifted to remote cloud applications. Software as a service, or SaaS, allows the user to create the server and install and configure the application. The shift to the cloud offers some key benefits that improve the user experience for eCommerce companies as well as customers.

What is SaaS?

According to Gartner, SaaS is “software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely by one or more providers”. Using common code and data definitions, the provider delivers the software to all of the contracted customers at the same time. Customers are contracted on a pay-for-use basis. SaaS apps are hosted on the cloud and the software is leased to customers, but maintained by the provider.

The adoption of SaaS is very broad. Currently, SaaS is most commonly used for human resource management, customer relationship management, and collaboration software. You can now have a cloud-based data warehouse accessible using business intelligence software, and you can also connect to your cloud-based ERP. There are many benefits to SaaS, making it an incredibly valuable solution that will ultimately increase your eCommerce revenue.

Benefits of SaaS

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Instead of purchasing expensive hardware, you only pay for what you need with SaaS. With SaaS, you eliminate the costs of internal resources to install the software. Instead, the vendor performs the necessary work to get the software running properly. Time is money, and you save months of installation time with SaaS. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of SaaS as it allows them to use software that they could not otherwise afford due to the high cost of a license. Since the SaaS provider owns the cloud-based software, they are responsible for any upgrades and security. The responsibility of maintenance and upgrades falls on the SaaS provider which saves your IT department time and effort.

Predictable Costs

With the pay-as-you-go structure, you can plan the costs for your SaaS subscription and administration. You can clearly know your costs even as you scale with SaaS. With more accurate budgeting, you can spend more on product development and improving your eCommerce business and less on managing upgrades and solving issues with your software.

Scalability and Integration

SaaS apps allow for some customization for your business. Using APIs, SaaS vendors allow you to connect with internal applications (ERPs and CRMs) as well as other SaaS providers. SaaS integration allows you to connect and view all of your business workflows on a single platform so that a purchase made on one channel automatically updates the inventory on all eCommerce channels. When you scale with Saas, you can simply adjust the subscription instead of investing in greater server capacities or costly software licenses.

Work Flexibility

Cloud-based software is available anywhere you have internet access. You can access SaaS from any connected device to access real-time data. By accessing the data anytime you need it, you can stay connected and manage all aspects of your business even while on the road.

How SaaS Benefits Your Customers

SaaS offers an enterprise-level solution to meet all of your business needs. With SaaS, you can manage your inventory and orders, multi-channel fulfillment, purchase orders, repricing, returns, finances, and listings all on one comprehensive platform. But SaaS does not just benefit your team, it also benefits your customers.

SaaS helps you solve the common problems that deter customers. For example, when operated correctly returns can actually be a profit driver. According to Narvar’s Consumer Report, 96% of customers would shop with a retailer again based on an “easy” or “very easy” return experience. However, returns are costly for an eCommerce business. When you create a return-friendly policy that is managed and operated exceptionally well, it will boost customer satisfaction and ultimately drive growth. SaaS is the solution for managing returns. With SaaS, you can manage all of your returns in a single location and process the refunds correctly. Through SaaS integrations, you will effectively manage all of your business workflows, inventory, and pricing. This reduces the chance of mistakes an ensures all of your eCommerce channels are synced together for seamless integration and automation. Customers will no longer be frustrated by inaccurate inventory or prices and can shop your products on the channel of their choice with ease.

One-Stop eCommerce Platform

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