The use of eCommerce platforms is widespread across the entire planet, and for good reasons. Since buying and selling take place over electronic systems with eCommerce, business systems must be connected through integrations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems connect all of the complex integrations that occur in eCommerce. ERPs have many incredible benefits and can completely change your eCommerce workflows. In this post, we explain why you need ERPs to navigate complex integrations in eCommerce.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

ERP is a software that enables businesses to automate and integrate their key business operations. eCommerce ERPs describe the back end office tasks like accounting, customer information, product information, inventory management, order management, fulfillment, and more. The major benefit to ERPs is automation, which saves time and money while ensuring efficiency. Larger corporations take advantage of ERPs far more often than small to midsized businesses, but affordable ERPs can benefit businesses of all sizes. Some of the most well-known ERPs include SAP, NetSuite, and QuickBooks.

What is eCommerce Integration?

eCommerce involves many different business systems. Integrations link two or more business systems to facilitate bi-directional data transfer without human intervention. With the integration, there is real-time coordination between a business’ front-end eCommerce website and their back end ERP systems like accounting and inventory. Data entered in one end of the system (the website) automatically updates functions in the other end (the back end). For example, when a person purchases an item, the inventory level is automatically updated across systems and platforms.

Integrating ERPs and eCommerce Sites

In order to provide seamless user experience, you must be able to pass information from your frontend website to your backend ERP. When you integrate ERPs and your website, you remove tedious data entry processes and reduce the risk of error from manual entry.  You can accurately capture buyer information and track sales details, which helps you more effectively target your customers. Integrating ERPs simplifies your operations and allows you to invest in employees to do more tasks than data entry and process initiation.

When integrating ERP processes, you must identify all of the data to integrate. To do this, you should analyze the data workflows from your website to the ERP and from the ERP to the website. Your integration should also include a full data migration plan and backup strategy.

The advantages of ERP integration include:

  • Customers will get greater visibility to inventory and shipping estimates.
  • Lower risk of error from manual entry.
  • Up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Better order and inventory management.
  • Save time and money by reducing employee training.

Benefits of Using MobilityeCommerce for Your ERP Integration

eCommerce integration is an important, intimidating process, but MobilityeCommerce is here to help. Our one-stop, intelligent platform integrates and automates all of your business workflows, including your ERPs. We are a leading eCommerce solution offering a Saas-based marketplace and enterprise ERP platform to wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, and product companies all around the world. We offer unparalleled integration with top ERPs like Oracle NetSuite, SAP Business One, and over 50 marketplaces. Make ERP integration a breeze and manage all aspects of your eCommerce business on our user-friendly platform. 

There are many benefits to using MobilityeCommerce for your ERP Integration including:

  • Integrate your current business system while building a new scalable platform. 
  • Real-time inventory sync with your marketplaces, ERPs, stores, and POS. 
  • Order sync with all of your connected channels and shipping carriers. 
  • Multi-channel fulfillment. 
  • Automated purchase order system integrated with artificial intelligence. 
  • Repricer engine which helps you win the buy-box. 
  • Returns management. 
  • Customized financial reports. 
  • Listing management. 
  • Access to the top eCommerce channels worldwide. 
  • A smart single view and inventory feed and management system
  • Sell on the world’s largest marketplaces.
  • Leverage data and analytics to understand and market to your customers better. 

Integrate your marketplaces and ERPs with MobilityeCommerce, and set up your business for growth. With MobilityeCommerce, you can create an excellent customer experience while simplifying your business workflows. Take the first step towards MultiChannel Selling with MobilityeCommerce. Get started with unparalleled integration today by contacting us or requesting your free demo HERE