Amazon is one of the largest, most popular eCommerce channels. However, trying to manage fulfillment and shipping while selling on Amazon and other eCommerce channels can seem overwhelming. Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA is an easy solution for reducing the stress of fulfillment and helping you scale your business. Amazon FBA is simple to use and makes fulfillment and shipping simple and quick which will improve your workflow management as well as customer satisfaction. Learn more about Amazon FBA and how to integrate it with your eCommerce business.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that allows you to store, pack, and ship at Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon FBA provides flexibility for sellers while reducing the hassle of shipping. With Amazon FBA, the seller stores its merchandise in an Amazon warehouse and the items ship through an Amazon fulfillment center. Once an order is made, the Amazon employees prepare, pack, and ship the products directly from the Amazon fulfillment center. For existing Amazon sellers, Amazon FBA is a simple process that makes selling on Amazon much easier. The basic steps for Amazon FBA are:

  • Add FBA to your Amazon selling account
  • Add product listings to your Amazon catalog. You can manually add individual or bulk products, or you can integrate an inventory-management software with Amazon’s API.
  • Prepare your products for safe shipping through Amazon FBA. A guide for how to prepare products can be found HERE.
  • Send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • When customers order your products, Amazon handles the entire fulfillment. Your customers get quick, efficient shipping with tracking information.
  • Amazon also handles customer support for the products you sell. Focus on your daily business tasks while Amazon handles the inquiries, refunds, and returns.

How Amazon FBA Will Help You Grow Your Business

Amazon FBA is a powerful tool that will help your business in many ways. Amazon is a huge eCommerce channel, and selling on Amazon with Amazon FBA exposes your brand to the existing Amazon customers. Using Amazon FBA makes your brand available to Amazon Prime buyers, who spend nearly double the money on Amazon as non-prime customers.

Typically, fulfillment and shipping logistics are time-consuming and filled with headaches. Amazon FBA simplifies the logistics of shipping. With FBA, you outsource the fulfillment and shipping process which means you do not have added stress and complications with shipping as your business grows. Amazon also gets reduced shipping fees because of its relationship with shipping companies. With Amazon FBA, you will pay less in shipping than if you delivered the items yourself. FBA also ensures standardized shipping because items are always prepared, packed, and shipped the same way.

Amazon FBA is also beneficial for multi-channel fulfillment. Amazon FBA can fulfill and ship inventory sold on multiple channels, not just through Amazon’s marketplace. Sellers can even feature the item on their websites and ship through Amazon FBA. Overall, Amazon FBA will help you scale your business. Using FBA frees up your time and simplifies the shipping process, so you can scale quickly without being overwhelmed with shipping.

Amazon FBA Onsite

To leverage the power of Amazon FBA, you need to efficiently manage it as well. Amazon Onsite is a software program that will help you streamline shipping and delivery services with Amazon FBA. FBA Onsite is a warehouse management software that allows sellers to control their inventory while Amazon delivers it. Through Onsite, Amazon handles customer support and troubleshooting as well. Onsite streamlines shipping and delivery for vendors as well as Amazon. The benefits of Amazon Onsite include:

  • Vendor access to Prime and other Amazon services
  • Sellers control their inventory, while amazon manages fulfillment and customer service
  • According to Business Insider, sellers save up to 70% on storage fees and inbound shipping
  • No additional handling, return, inbound shipping, or weight handling fees
  • Nationwide, 2-day Prime shipping for flat fulfillment rate and flexible same-day shipping SLA.

Amazon Integration by MobilityeCommerce

MobilityeCommerce provides exceptional integration for Amazon FBA. We are the one-stop eCommerce platform that integrates and automates your entire business workflow, inventory, and pricing. We integrate directly with Amazon, and we also offer Oracle NetSuite Amazon Integration or SAP Business One Amazon Integration. MobilityeCommerce provides complete integration with Amazon FBA workflows so you can drive your business. With the MobilityeCommerce Amazon integration you get:

  • Product and Inventory Sync
  • Stock Levels and Pricing
  • Catalog Management
  • Order and Customer Sync
  • Shipping detail sync
  • And time and money savings

MobilityeCommerce is the only tool you will ever need for your eCommerce business. Our Amazon integration helps you leverage the power of FBA. Seamlessly integrate FBA with your eCommerce workflow with MobilityeCommerce. Learn more about how we will help your business with FBA integration by contacting us HERE.