Integration tools can be incredibly beneficial for your eCommerce business, but with so many different terms used interchangeably, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Knowing the key vocabulary will help you better understand what these different integration tools accomplish and ultimately allow you to select the tools that best meet the needs of your eCommerce business. App integration, Data integration, iPaas, and API integration are four terms you should be sure to know. Let’s break down each one of these terms and explain the differences and benefits of each.

Application Integration

Application integration, or App integration, involves moving resources from one application to another. Typically, a “middleware” is used for this in order to consolidate integration architecture, and multiple cloud apps are connected together. Because of this, app integration is sometimes referred to as Cloud Data Integration. App integration may also be used to connect cloud apps to on-premise software. App integration is crucial for businesses that rely on data from multiple cloud-based apps. When a business adopts new software and to either improve or replace existing software, they must use app integration to implement the new software. The top benefits of app integration include:

  • Better data management
  • Easier data sharing
  • Automated workflow
  • Flexible IT infrastructure
  • Increased efficiency through easier communication and better functionality

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple sources into a single, unified view. Data integration is used to bring all of your data together without reducing the quality of the data and may be used to merge databases or consumer data collected from different channels. Cloud-based integration platforms are now a popular method for data integration. When you combine the data from different sources into one coherent location, you get a better picture overall and more useful information. The benefits of data integration include:

  • Make data simpler to view and understand.
  • Get more valuable information by combining separate datasets.
  • Centralized data is more available, it is easier to access and analyze.
  • Better data collaboration.
  • Make smarter business decisions when you understand the data.
  • Maintain data integrity with robust, high-quality data that is free of errors.
  • Monitor data in real-time with a cloud-based data integration strategy.


Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS, is the solution for integration and data sharing. iPaaS is a cloud-based platform that connects your cloud-based and on-premise applications and technologies With an iPaaS, you can integrate both applications and data. Instead of using hardware or middleware, the iPaaS deploys and maintains integration flows through a cloud-based platform. The key benefits of iPaaS are:

  • Suited for scalability. An iPaaS solution not only grows with your business, it actually will help you scale.
  • iPaaS integration is easier, more accurate, and more efficient than manual integrations.
  • Shrink the gap between data entry and business decisions so you can track real-time data and increase your business intelligence.

API Integration

An API, or application programming interface, processes requests, and responses between enterprise systems. An API allows interaction between data, applications, and devices. APIs are the powerhouse behind most modern applications and enable connectivity between devices and programs. APIs allow applications and backend systems to communicate. APIs create online sales channels and facilitate access of services. The benefits of using APIs include:

  • Automate workflows for greater productivity.
  • Design personalized user experiences for your customers.
  • Implement cross-functionality with the most popular apps to stay relevant to your customers.
  • Automatically publish content on every single sales channel for easy distribution.
  • APIs make you more adaptable by helping you anticipate changes. APIs support data migration and allow you to view data easier so you can make better business predictions and decisions.

Choosing a Comprehensive Solution

While app integration, data integration, iPaaS, and APIs all have their own functions, each one is crucial for a successful eCommerce business. In order to take advantage of the benefits of each of these core concepts, you need a comprehensive solution for your business. You need one single platform that allows you to integrate all of your current ERPs and marketplaces. That’s where we come in. MobilityeCommerce is the intelligent one-stop eCommerce platform that integrates and automates your business workflows, inventory, pricing to help you reach billions of customers worldwide. We offer unparalleled integration with the top ERPS and over 50 of the most popular marketplaces and we are the only tool you will ever need for your eCommerce business. Learn more about how MobilityeCommerce can help you sell to every potential customer with our integrations by visiting our website or requesting a free product demo HERE.