Amazon NetSuite Integration gives you the power to grow your retail business and maximize sales in more channels. If you’re looking to maximize sales, improve customer experience, and streamline the process of e-commerce by providing complete integration of Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant and Fulfilled by Amazon in conjunction with NetSuite, then this is the answer for you.
The MobilityeCommerce NetSuite Integration allows for your business to integrate with marketplaces like Amazon in order to more simply manage elements of e-commerce from a single platform. By integrating with a platform like Amazon, your team is free to focus on increasing sales, inventory availability, forecasting, FBA demand planning, and more.

What is NetSuite Amazon Integration?

The NetSuite Amazon Integration is a prebuilt integration that synchronizes and streamlines e-commerce practices, thereby giving you more control over profitability, and simplifying the process of fulfillment, settlement, and more. This result is achieved by giving the user a single platform on which to track every element of e-commerce, eliminating time-consuming data entry, and inevitable human error.

This Integration will automatically do the following:

  • Import Customers & Sales Orders into NetSuite
  • Create / Update Items from NetSuite to Amazon
  • FBM and FBA Orders Management
  • Amazon Commission and FBA Fees & Charges created in NetSuite
  • Synchronize Inventory to Amazon
  • Synchronize Price to Amazon
  • Create FBA Shipments and Transfer Orders/Inventory Transfers
  • Reconcile FBA Shipments
  • Track Live Amazon FBA Stock in NetSuite
  • Automated FBA Inventory Alerts / Demand Planning

Fulfillment by Amazon

With the Fulfillment by Amazon option, your products are packed, shipped, and tracked by Amazon directly to your customers. In essence, FBA puts the responsibility and stress of order fulfillment in the experienced hands of Amazon. The option to have order fulfillment and invoicing for your company performed by Amazon also gives your clients and customers the option to take advantage of Prime shipping and fees. Included in this integration, you are able to create end-to-end solutions for every element of your online sales. This includes the power to monitor and create shipment plans, shipments, product/shipment manifests, shipment tracking, automated inventory transfers, transfer orders, and general order management without the stress of doing all of this yourself.

Fulfillment by Merchant

The option to continue fulfilling orders yourself is made simpler with the Netsuite Amazon Integration by featuring the option to utilize Amazon Prime Buy Labels and Shipping. This feature allows you to purchase individual or bulk labels, then ship and confirm your orders, track your shipments, and ensure they are properly delivered by relying on trusted networks of Amazon’s shipping partners.

Benefits of Using Our Amazon NetSuite Integration

Sales Order Sync

Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant orders synchronize in real time. This feature gives you the power to understand commissions and gross profit on a single platform, removing the need for manual monitoring of sales on separate and diverse platforms.

Product Inventory Sync

Manage products, kits, bundles, variations, pricing matrix, price levels, images, categories, metadata, category specific product attributes directly from NetSuite and publish product listings to Amazon marketplace. By integrating these actions into a single platform, human error is minimized, and the potential for lost revenue or product due to inventory discrepancies becomes obsolete.

Shipping Detail Sync

Automated fulfillment process to pick/pack/ship and notify customers with tracking numbers and shipping carrier details. This not only simplifies the process of pick/pack/ship and tracking on your end, but also improves the overall customer experience.

Settlement & Finance

Synchronize settlement reports to NetSuite through Amazon. We help you understand the simple and complex marketplace fees and commissions. By automating settlement, the complicated compilation of data becomes a more usable and accessible resource for improving your e-commerce business. By simplifying this data, and making it more usable, your team will be able to perform more accurate demand forecasting and inventory planning to improve upcoming marketing tactics, inventory and restocking measures, and much more. This feature will also allow for you to reprice items when necessary, due to a deeper understanding of how products have sold.