For eCommerce businesses in the modern digital era, social commerce should be at the forefront of your strategy. Social commerce involves using social media channels to create a personalized shopping experience for customers by having eCommerce functions built directly into social media platforms. With the rise of social media usage, it is not surprising that more brands are incorporating social commerce. Social commerce provides numerous benefits for your eCommerce brand and is something you should heavily consider, since most of your target audience is now on social media. Learn more about how social commerce can benefit your business and how MoilityeCommerce will help.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is selling your products directly through social media platforms. While social media marketing involves redirecting customers to an online store, social commerce uses social media as the eCommerce channel itself and allows the customer to complete a purchase directly on the social media channel. Social commerce simplifies the shopping process by allowing users to purchase without leaving the social media platform. With social commerce, you engage users and convert social media usage to sales.

Top Benefits of Social Commerce

Authentic Engagement
It is already well-known that increasing your social media audience is important for conversions. Social commerce makes these conversions easier, as users do not have to leave the social media platform to complete a purchase. Social commerce also creates an avenue for your business to connect with customers and increase engagement. Customers can interact with your content via likes, shares, and comments which will help build your audience. By responding to customers, you are able to strengthen the relationship and use social media as a customer service channel to resolve issues.

Grow Your Global Audience
Social media allows you to reach potential customers around the world. For businesses seeking a global audience, social media is a goldmine. On social media, you can target audiences by geographical location and promote your brand worldwide. Potential customers who may have never known about your brand may discover you on social media because people from around the entire globe discuss their interests, brands, and products. Social media helps you expand your market to a global audience, and social commerce makes it easier than ever for this new audience to purchase from you.

Customer Satisfaction
Many consumers turn to social media for new product recommendations. An astonishing 60% of Instagram users discover new products on Instagram. Customers who are able to easily purchase an item right from the social media network they discovered it on will be pleased with the experience. Customers can also read numerous reviews and comments about the item on social media before buying, which means they are more likely to make more informed purchases and be more satisfied overall.

Appeal to Mobile Shoppers
The vast majority of social media users use social media on a mobile device. Offering social commerce creates an avenue for mobile purchases that most social media users will find easier than being redirected to your site. Appealing to the mobile shopping experience is a great way to convert social media users into customers, which can increase your revenue. With mobile shopping, it is easy for people to discuss products with friends and family before making a purchase.

Increase Average Order Value
Including social commerce with your other sales channels will increase your sales. Average order value (AOV) also increases with social commerce. Social media can entice shoppers to spend more because purchasing on social commerce is so simple. All of the reviews, testimonials, and images of your products on social media also serve as social proof that encourages customers to make purchases.

Key Analytics from Social
Analyzing your efforts is important for every aspect of your business. Every campaign you begin should be measurable, including your social media efforts. Social media commerce provides important business metrics directly on your social media profile. You may also be able to measure the traffic to your website from the social media channel as well. To assess your social commerce success, you can analyze your impressions, engagement, reach, followers, likes, and more. Social commerce makes it easy to collect relevant data and assess your ROI.

Integrating Social Commerce

When done correctly, including social commerce in your eCommerce strategy will have important benefits for your business. There are endless opportunities for your business to grow using social commerce, and social commerce will continue to establish relevance as a top way of selling in the eCommerce industry. In order to stay relevant and appeal to the rising generations, you will need to have a sound social commerce approach.

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