Multichannel eCommerce is one of the most popular solutions for buying and selling in the modern digital age. However, effectively managing a multichannel eCommerce business can be incredibly challenging. To integrate all of your eCommerce channels and manage your multichannel business on one comprehensive platform, you need an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software. ERP software is an incredibly valuable asset that can help you control your entire business workflow in one place. Learn more about how ERP software will change your business today and how MobilityeCommerce can help.

Greater Efficiency

Manual entry for every single channel is cumbersome and time-consuming. ERP integration drastically reduces time. You can immensely increase throughput while also reducing errors for more efficient order entry, inventory management, customer tracking, and fulfillment. An ERP platform is a more efficient way to manage your business operations and streamline your workflow. You can spend less time managing sales and inventory and instead focus on analyzing the data to make better business decisions.

Create a Cohesive Customer Experience

Brand consistency, including product descriptions and imagery, is crucial for increasing product exposure. Rich descriptions optimize your product pages and draw in customers. With an ERP, you can unify your product information to ensure consistency on every channel. You can control product descriptions and other information from a centralized point and create a seamless customer experience where your brand is consistent on every single channel.

Increase Your Reach

ERP software helps you reach more customers worldwide. You will need an ERP system that integrates with all of your current platforms as well as many different eCommerce marketplaces. When using an ERP, you can easily handle the increased load that comes with expansion and growth. You can also sell on the largest eCommerce channels simultaneously to reach customers in every niche and expose your brand to customers who shop on those sites. For example, by selling on Amazon along with other channels, you expose your brand to Amazon Prime members who shop primarily on Amazon and may not have found your products otherwise.

Better Customer Service

To effectively serve and ultimately retain customers, you must be able to answer their inquiries efficiently. You need to be able to easily access their order details. You want to also use their information and data to resell to them with targeted marketing strategies. Many ERP systems come with a Customer Relations Manager (CRM) that will help you provide better service and great more effective marketing strategies based on customer data.

Make Better Business Decisions

Having more relevant information helps you make better, more strategic business decisions. ERP systems generate accurate, detailed management reports and allow you to track the performance of all of your multichannel marketing. You can segment visitors based on their behavior and demographics and leverage the data for remarketing efforts.

Reduced Stress

The biggest benefit of an ERP is that it simplifies the process of managing a multichannel eCommerce business. With an ERP system, you can manage all of your channels and business functions on a single platform. An ERP system integrates your business workflows for seamless multichannel management.

Choosing an ERP

An ERP system pays for its self with all of the ways it benefits your eCommerce business. With proper implementation, an ERP system will completely change your business workflow. When choosing an ERP, it is important to look for one that can meet your current and future needs. You want an ERP system that can help your business grow and remain a part of it in the long run. When selecting an ERP to make sure to consider the following:

  • Features included
  • Cost
  • Customer support
  • The reputation of the company
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Options for customization

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