eCommerce businesses have the potential for incredible growth at rates unparalleled by brick-and-mortar operations. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities for reaching more customers and building strong brand authority. By harnessing the power of the internet, you can develop an adaptive, powerful eCommerce business that scales rapidly. If eCommerce has such potential, why don’t all eCommerce business experience continuous growth and prosperity? Even with the vast potential the internet offers, scaling your eCommerce business is not an easy task. Many difficult obstacles prevent eCommerce businesses from ever reaching their full potential. Here we break down the biggest challenges you face when trying to scale your eCommerce business, and how to overcome them.

Standing out Against the Competition

One of the most prominent obstacles to scaling your eCommerce business is standing out against the competition. Every single business is vying for the attention of potential customers on multiple platforms. Setting your eCommerce business apart from others is crucial for growth. Make your brand mission clear and unique, and always focus on the customer experience at every stage of your business.

Low Conversion Rates

The average eCommerce conversion rate is strikingly low, at less than 3%. This poses a great challenge for scaling. You must both increase conversions and drive high amounts of relevant traffic to your site. Focus carefully on marketing and remarketing techniques to bring in relevant visitors. Use simple techniques, like popups, to convert more visitors into customers, and more one-time customers into loyal customers.

Keeping up with Inventory and Order Fulfillment

As your business grows in popularity, you will need to keep up with more and more orders. If you are constantly ‘sold out’ or shipping takes much longer than competitors, you will lose customers and struggle to scale your business. You must be able to accommodate the rising demand through your inventory and fulfillment management systems. Eventually, you may need to outsource your fulfillment to a third-party center. However, you will still need a sound inventory management system in place. An Enterprise level software solution can help you with inventory management, order management, and multichannel fulfillment to ensure you can easily and efficiently manage your inventory.

User Experience

Your eCommerce website must run smoothly and be able to handle high volumes of customers especially during high-demand times like promotions and holidays. You will have a very difficult time converting visitors if they experience excessive delays and crashes. Design and functionality are also important. Customers want a fast, reliable site that is intuitive and visually captivating. Select a reliable, top-performing eCommerce platform in order to capture all of the sales opportunities you will get from bringing in new visitors.

Managing Customer Service

Customer service may be easy to manage when you are small, but it becomes exponentially more complicated as you scale your eCommerce business. However, in order to build a loyal customer base as you grow, you will need to be very responsive to all customer service inquiries. You should offer your customers numerous channels for customer service. Integrating all of your workflows, including your customer service tools, on one comprehensive platform will help make sure you can keep up with rising demands.


Cyber attacks and data loss pose a serious threat to eCommerce businesses. Your business has access to sensitive, personal customer data. Any technical problems from a security breach can destroy your business or scare off customers. You should always back up your data, use security plugins, and make sure to protect your website and customer data. Cybersecurity should be a priority for your eCommerce business, especially while you scale your business.

Scale with an ERP

The best solution for all of the common scaling obstacles is a comprehensive ERP to integrate and automate all of your business workflows. MobilityeCommerce is the only tool you will ever need to manage and scale a booming eCommerce business. With our intelligent one-stop eCommerce platform, will help you manage all of your workflows, inventory, pricing, and more while reaching more customers worldwide. We offer unparalleled integration with the top enterprise solutions and over 50 marketplaces. Avoid the common perils of eCommerce scaling and manage all aspects of your business with MobilityeCommerce. Learn more about how we will help you scale your eCommerce business by visiting our website, contacting us, or starting your free demo.