MobilityeCommerce Oracle NetSuite Integration

MobilityeCommerce Oracle NetSuite Integration Tool allows businesses to connect their eCommerce channels and marketplaces with Oracle NetSuite. We allow a bi-directional and seamless integration between these two systems.

Custom Integration & Workflows:

We can implement or provide consulting for leveraging the powers of Oracle NetSuite and eCommerce channels. Based on your organization’s business process and workflows we can build custom integration flows.

Customer Sync:

eCommerce/Amazon/eBay etc customer Information will sync to Oracle NetSuite along with the Sales Order information option for onetime customer, configuring custom forms.

Order Sync:

Sync of eCommerce/marketplace orders to Oracle NetSuite as Sales Order option to build Assembly Items, Bundles, Kits, Accurate Tax, State Sales Tax, Shipping Charges, Discounts, Discount Coupons, Bidding Prices shown as discount in Oracle NetSuite Sales Order to provide accurate order total.

Item Sync:

Sync of Oracle NetSuite finished goods/surplus products/surplus stock to eCommerce channels Oracle NetSuite item groups will be mapped with eCommerce product categories provide Amazon FBA Integration to Oracle NetSuite.

Stock Sync:

Oracle NetSuite stock updates will update eCommerce/marketplace product inventory. Choose one or multiple warehouse’s quantities to be synced to marketplaces, options for handling inter/intra company, subsidiary flows.