MobilityeCommerce NetSuite Integration

MobilityeCommerce(ME) NetSuite Integration Tool allows businesses to connect their eCommerce channels and marketplaces NetSuite. We allow a bi-directional and seamless integration between these two systems:


Custom Integration & Workflows:

We can implement or provide consulting for leveraging the powers of NetSuite and eCommerce channels. Based on your organization’s business process and workflows we can build custom integration flows.

Customer Sync:

eCommerce/Amazon/eBay etc Customer Information will sync to NetSuite along with the Sales Order Information Option for Onetime customer , configuring custom forms

Order Sync:

Sync of eCommerce/marketplace Orders to NetSuite as Sales Order Option to build Assembly Items , Bundles , Kits , Workordersetc Accurate Tax, State Sales Tax, Shipping Charges, Discounts of Discount Coupons, Bidding Prices shown as discount, in NetSuite Sales Order to provide accurate Order Total

Item Sync:

Sync of NetSuite Finished Goods/Surplus Products/Surplus Stock to eCommerce channels NetSuite Item Groups will be mapped with eCommerce Product Categories Provide Amazon FBA Integration to NetSuite

Stock Sync:

NetSuite Stock Updates will update eCommerce/marketplace Product Inventory Ability to choose one or multiple warehouse’s quantity to be synced to Marketplace ; options for handling inter or intra company, subsidiary flows.