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Inventory Management Software can help you keep things streamlined and ensure you don’t lose any money because of inventory related issues.

Features & Benefits of eCommerce integration with ME’s multichannel inventory software


  • Synchronize your inventory across your selling channels
  • Quickly and automatically update your stock levels
  • Maximum exposure whilst minimizing the risk of overselling
  • Seamlessly manage multiple warehouses and streamline shipping

synchronies your inventory

Optimise and split your available stock

  • Maximize your sales, reduce refunds and negative feedback.
  • Inventory splitter’ tool manage your availability & listing
  • Automatic generation of SKUs or assigned your own
  • Automatically optimize your price and stock

Bulk Import/Update Your Stock

  • Import your listing from Amazon, eBay, Magento, Bigcommerce etc
  • Import your inventory using a CSV/ spreadsheet file
  • Add, replace, or subtract item quantities in bulk
  • Item quantity updates from vendors are automated

Bulk Import Update

synchronies your inventory

Multiple warehouses and vendors

  • Set up multiple warehouses within your account.
  • You can see the quantity and cost in each warehouse.
  • Automatically update inventory purchased through API
  • Item quantity & cost will instantly populate within your warehouse

Simplify Your Pricing Calculations

  • Suggested prices based on your markup and package cost
  • Get pricing recommendation for all pour sizes
  • Simplify complex calculation
  • Automatically take care of your tax part.

Automate Multichannel Operations

  • Seamlessly sync all your eCommerce, wholesale
    channels, Marketplace and warehouses for real-time
  • You can track your inventory in real time.
  • It reduces time-consuming operational redundancies,

Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Automatically integrate and centralize processes
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and improve efficiency
  • It reduces costly manual errors & improves productivity
  • Drive revenue growth

synchronies your inventory